Dentist Visitations: How Often Shall We Do It?

One very important question that everyone should ask themselves in today’s time is that whether going to the dentist every six months really necessary for the maintenance of good oral health or not.

Many would argue that they must visit the dentist every 6 months, even when they don’t really practice it in real life most of the times. It is definitely a subject of debate whether one must go for these biannual check ups or not provided by the dentist in south kolkata or whether they’re really necessary. However with today’s lifestyle of junk foods, bad sleeping hours, not taking care of oral hygiene properly, these questions are hard to avoid. Harder still is to get a concrete answer for them.

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The people who have teeth or gum problem definitely need to visit their respective dentists in the dental clinic near me often, there is no questioning that. However, what about the other people who do not have any immediate dental health problem? We need to remember that teeth which are permanent are much more vulnerable to any kind of decay as soon as they come through, thus, when children have just started growing there first permanent teeth set, at the age of 8 to 6, they definitely need to go to an oral care specialist for regular check ups. During the teenage, teeth are much less vulnerable until the cases where the wisdom teeth come through in the 20s or mid-20s. Hence it could be concluded that the risk varies, according to different time lapses, time and age and person to person.

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Many studies conducted in the last few years have advocated the need to visit the dentist after every 6 months. Having said that it shall be also noted that there has not been any conclusive scientific proof that doing so would elevate the oral health of a person and save guard him or her from tooth decay or gum problems.

According to many paediatric and dentistry academies and organisations, 6 month check up which are offered in the affordable dental clinic south kolkata are important.

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The smile dental clinic south kolkata, however will not misguide you but tell you that visiting the dentist clinic once is important to have an overall idea about the person’s dental health and accordingly plan for next visits if and when required.

Dental Implant Renews Smile and Life

Replacement of missing teeth renews the smile and life of a person who has lost one or more teeth. The incidence of tooth loss is still very high due to difficulty in accessing professional help in many regions; basic education fails, as well as poor oral hygiene habits. These are problems that lead to tooth loss, often premature.

Replacement of missing teeth

Is Renewing the Smile Worth It?

As it is known, the lack of one or more teeth affects a person’s health and well-being. The difficulty in chewing and speaking and the change in appearance are the main impacts that arise from the lack of one or more teeth.

The Importance of Chewing:

Chewing problems hinder food and, consequently, the absorption of essential nutrients for health. Chewing plays a vital role because it prepares food for digestion. People with missing teeth also prefer to eat soft foods, low in fiber and nutrients.

Dental Implant Renews Your Smile Bringing Many Benefits:

Replacement of missing teeth with dental implants is undoubtedly the best way to restore the self-esteem of those who suffer from missing teeth. Having a complete smile gives the patient the feeling of smiling again without fear, improving the quality of life as well as self-esteem. Get in touch with for the complete Digital Smile Designing.

How Will You Improve Your Life After Dental Implants?

A complete dentition again allows the person to eat in the same way as when they had all-natural teeth. Dental implants fixed on the bone by osseointegration, and fixed prosthesis on the implants do not present mobility or discomfort.

Teeth whitening

In addition, it leaves the roof of the mouth free, allowing the person to speak naturally and try the foods with more pleasure. Many people may think that investment in a fixed dentition is still high.

However, the benefits that dental implants with fixed prostheses bring to aesthetics, chewing, diction, nutrition, quality of life, social and emotional coexistence are immeasurable.

Do not hesitate to contact us for Teeth whitening, dental implants, or any other dental-related problems.

We are here to renew your smile and so life!

See & Smile Dental Clinic

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2 Benefits of Choosing The Best Smile Makeover Dentist

Have you ever heard of smile makeover? What are the benefits that the process offers? If you have come across the term smile makeover dentist these are the few questions that might lurk at the back of your mind. So, to be precise, best smile makeover dentists are the ones who make your smile prettier and transform the same as whole. The patients taking the service can expect for permanent correction of common tooth problems and gum imperfections that are pretty much disturbing to an individual. The list ofimperfections that doctors might address include –

  1. Stain
  2. Chips
  3. Cracked or broken teeth
  4. Worn out teeth
  5. Misaligned tooth
  6. Gao between the tooth and more

So, now since we understand the problem and also look forward towards the solution for the same, let’s take a quick glimpse of the benefits that they offer-

  • Powerful first impression

Inner beauty is the best that a person can have. But it is also stated that the first impression as you meet a new person matters a lot. With smile makeover from the best doctor in town, you are making the right investment. This investment will bring a lot of positive vibes as soon as you meet new people. Make an impression thus winning at every step of life.

  • Boost confidence

You must be wondering how smile make over can be a factor that boosts your confidence. Well, actually when you are aware of the fact that you look good, it will definitely enhance your confidence level. A pretty smile can be a saviour in case you are stuck in meeting surrounded with strangers, or when you are feeling nervous or tend to ne fearful. Break the strangest social setting with a small smile. Along with make over it is also important to note and find the best periodontal disease treatment.